lol this is my 3rd music video i have come out with i hope you like rate and comment please :P …….

Flooded by an ocean
Of some mixed emotions
They got you down again
Pride and passion physical attraction
Whatever thing youre in
These temptations causing you frustrations
What you need is a friend
Someone who loves you who is above you
Take away all your sin

Help is on the way
Help is on the way
A mighty good leader is on the way
Hes the only one gonna come to save the day
Its all right, yeah, uh-huh, its ok
cause a mighty good leader is on the way

Now this someone
Knows where you come from
Doesnt care where youve been
He can put back, pieces that you lack
Make you whole again


21 Respuestas a Mighty Good Leader~~~Audio Adrenaline

  1. Anónimo says:

    @ColossalRofl im sorry to hear that.. i hope you get help with that

  2. Anónimo says:

    awesome artwork this rox thanx 4 doing it!

  3. Anónimo says:

    this is AWESOME!!! LOL, praise GOD! Very Good job Mr Freack! Do MORE!!

  4. Anónimo says:

    Love this son thxz for posting ! God Bless Remember Jesus Loves You And So Do I!

  5. Anónimo says:

    u should post more. it might bring me back to the scene

  6. Anónimo says:

    That vid rocks! I pray God will bless you and keep you!

  7. Anónimo says:

    this used to be my favorite cd/ band ever.

  8. Anónimo says:

    Great job…thanks…love the mural of Christ coming back with his saints


  9. Anónimo says:

    OMG ME TOO! :D

  10. Anónimo says:

    AWw yes! I remember this song from when I was little!!

  11. Anónimo says:

    i love this song! they played it in daytona beach were my youth group and more churches went to and the name of our retreat was amped! best trip of my life! praise god!

  12. Anónimo says:

    DUDE r u kiddin me i love this song
    and u gotta make some more vids

  13. Anónimo says:

    hey good song! put up Jesus movement.

  14. Anónimo says:

    thank us?
    thank you for posting it ((=

  15. Anónimo says:

    Great song. Great band.
    Talk to Audio Adrenaline live at the talkbacklive channel 10/21/08.

  16. Anónimo says:

    ur a genius

  17. Anónimo says:

    i like under dog to its an awesome song just like dc-10

  18. Anónimo says:

    lol like the name :p i have my name misspelled on purpose

  19. Anónimo says:

    I Love this I also like UnderDog.

  20. Anónimo says:

    I ♥ This song!!

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