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I Love You Lord – Jon Fletcher @ Encounter

I Love You Lord at Encounter at Crown College. With Jon Fletcher, Abby Fletcher, Nadine Junker, Keldon Ellis, Amanda Dinkler, Xu Her, Carter Folkstad, and Zach Godel. _________________________

My Savior My God (Cover) by the Chad

heres just a cover of MY savior my God trying out some new recording techniques I also had fun with windows movie maker I am going to try this and see if it works 4Him - Psalm 112 4Him - Walk On 33M

Mighty Good Leader~~~Audio Adrenaline

lol this is my 3rd music video i have come out with i hope you like rate and comment please :P....... Lyrics: Flooded by an ocean Of some mixed emotions They got you down again Pride and passion ph

Audio Adrenaline – Leaving 99 with lyrics

"I'd leave 99, leave them all behind to find you!"

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