“I’d leave 99, leave them all behind to find you!”


25 Respuestas a Audio Adrenaline – Leaving 99 with lyrics

  1. Anónimo says:

    almost made me cry for real i just love this song :) )

  2. Anónimo says:

    @Marshmellooooo us :) . Sad because i sometimes take advantage of The Lords mercy,i sometimes dont really think about how much the Lord cares. But I am trying to build a better relationship with the Lord, by putting more importance, reading my Bible, and praying. this song is my reminder that The Lord will always be there for me… but i also need to put in the effort.

  3. Anónimo says:

    i never really knew what this song meant. but every time i heard it it made me want to cry like happy tears and sad tears. then someone explained to me what the song meant. Now i know why this song makes me feel happy and sad. Happy because The Lord is so merceful he always forgives and cares deeply for

  4. Anónimo says:

    thank you lord for leaving those 99 just to find me!!! Jesus is love:)

  5. Anónimo says:

    Matthew 18:12 and Luke 15:4

  6. Anónimo says:

    I love this song.. It really makes me cry in a good way it really reminds me that know matter what am going through that God you are right there no matter what Thank you Lord for your forgivness and Love..

  7. Anónimo says:

    this song always makes me wanna cry. its just really beautiful.

  8. Anónimo says:

    :) I love it!

  9. Anónimo says:

    tooooooooo good !!!!!!!!!

  10. Anónimo says:

    @und3rdog4jc AMEN!! I just read the scripture yesterday!! We have an AWESOME SAVIOR!!

  11. Anónimo says:

    @wpunkzz yeah good idea! God bless you too!

  12. Anónimo says:

    Thank u so much for the answer. Dang, I better start read my Bible again. Havent read it for a while >.< God bless

  13. Anónimo says:

    @wpunkzz there is a verse in the Bible which says that the good shepard (Jesus) takes care of his sheep (children). And if any of the sheep get lost He would leave the other 99 just to save the one that got lost. It’s the idea that Jesus cares and loves each and every child of his and he is willing to do anything just to turn those who got lost on the right path :)

  14. Anónimo says:

    I love this song a lot, can someone explain to me twhat he meaning of 99? or they juz choose any number that rhyme w/ the entire song? I mean, I’m still gonna love it whether it juz any random number.. anyone know the answer?

  15. Anónimo says:

    this is such an uplifting song… thanks for posting it brother!

  16. Anónimo says:

    @GodsGuy9795 i’m glad to hear that. God bless!

  17. Anónimo says:

    I had a really bad day. As I listened to this song, i just broke down and cried. Jesus really spoke to me today. Thank you so much.

  18. Anónimo says:

    @PaidInFull768 Thank you! God bless!

  19. Anónimo says:

    The love of my life sent me this song when I was in a dark place, and I’m praying that God may lead us back together. I am in so much pain without him in my life, I weep for him daily and at this very moment. May the Lord have mercy.

  20. Anónimo says:

    Awesome!! What a song!

  21. Anónimo says:


  22. Anónimo says:

    Great song….great video! You did a wonderful job! Thanks!

  23. Anónimo says:

    It’s been a hard day for me, and this song more than spoke to me tonight. Thank you so much for posting it.

  24. Anónimo says:

    this song makes me feel truly loved despite growing up in a abusive home

  25. Anónimo says:

    ohhh superb promise !!! I really want my King to find me and take in his arms back home!! Its cold in here

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