Sing along with this mines track And pls COMMENT about this song (karaoke) and if your need any karaokes songs English,Hindi,Tamil ore Malayalam.Your request will be uploaded. if you need a karaoke comment me the SONG name and from which movie that song is For Example( PEHLA NASHA– JO JEETA WAHI SIKKANDER) or if you need English karaoke comment me the Song name and the Artist name For Example(Sacrifice —-Elton John) like this


18 Respuestas a Aaaradhichidaam – Malayalam Karaoke by Adarsh Ranjith – Christian Devotional Album Mochanam

  1. Anónimo says:

    Touched my heart…

  2. Anónimo says:


  3. Anónimo says:

    one of my fav song…..awesome! good job brother, can u pls upload some tamil christian songs?

  4. Anónimo says:

    very awesome video! and music as well! god bless you abundantly…

  5. Anónimo says:

    plz upload nadha ninne kannan ..Album: Jeevadhaara..karaoke…

  6. Anónimo says:

    plz upload nadha ninne kannan ..Album: Jeevadhaara..

  7. Anónimo says:

    Brother, good job….. can you send me the karoake of “Nin Sneham Ethrayo Avarnaneeyam” sung by Kester.

  8. Anónimo says:

    hai can u plz give some famous malayalam christian karaoke song plz sent it to /

  9. Anónimo says:

    Great Job Adarsh..God Bless..

  10. Anónimo says:

    Excellent Tracks. Thanks so much brother. Could you please make some attempts on Tamil Traditionals? That would be so grateful. Thanks again. Please do reply me at or

  11. Anónimo says:

    These all tracks are available at GLS. if any one need it, buy if from there, you can also sing in churches

  12. Anónimo says:

    great job!!! thanks a lot Adarsh.

  13. Anónimo says:

    It sounds original. Good job!

  14. Anónimo says:


    please upload “Alayam Uyarthi… De..valayam .. uyarthi… song karokke …. may god bless you …

  15. Anónimo says:

    Thanks so much Adarsh!

  16. Anónimo says:

    hai can upload karoake for ennayoloam aene nadathi” and “nee matram mathi”

  17. Anónimo says:

    Dear AR can u upload karoake for” nadha athmavine tanidane” devotional song

  18. Anónimo says:

    Dear Brother,Very good effort ,please concentrate to recover the lover frequencies.Which software you are using for this

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